3 Year Old Girl Is Burned To Death Inside Vehicle With Doors Chained Shut By Deranged Father!

#Family we ask for your most sincere thoughts and prayers as a Mother is left heart broken over the death of her daughter; directly at the hands of her child’s father. What is being as deemed a purposeful death; the father is stated to have directly threaten hours before “ You will never see your daughter again!“ 

According to The #Daily News ; a Queens, New York child was burned alive in a car with the outside doors chained shut by her disturbingly deranged father. “I always thought he was going to hurt me“ states the child’s mother Cherone Coleman , 36 to local news. “I never thought he was going to hurt my daughter.” 

Reports read that the incident took place Sunday night as responding police officials and firefighters pulled the terribly burned Zoey, 3 out of the vehicle in Springfield Gardens. Sources state  the incident took place a few blocks away from where Zoey and her mother lived. 


Sources have indicated that Coleman states the entire ordeal began within a recent custody battle for Zoey with her father #MartinPereira . Coleman had appeared in court to request a revised visitation order; in which the judge denied. Completely against Coleman’s judgement Perira was granted a weekend visit on both Saturday and Sunday. I should’ve just kept her and gone to jail,” states Coleman.

Pereira is stated to have taken Zoey to Cohen Children’s Medical Center in New Hyde Park on Saturday and forwarded claims stating that Coleman was an abusive drug dealing, drug addict.   

“They let him leave with her because he had all the paperwork stating he had visitation,”  states Coleman.

It wasn’t until Sunday, Pereira began to call Coleman repeatedly;  “Just before he burned my daughter he called saying crazy things,” Coleman said. “I couldn’t even understand some of them, but he said, `Do I have your attention now, bitch? I got your attention now, bitch. You’re never going to see your daughter again!”  Coleman Called 911 out of fear of him hurting her child or himself. 

Zoey died in the back of her father’s Audi on Sunday evening. The doors were chained shut as the flames continue to rise. 

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