Cause Of Death Revealed For Fort Valley State University Student Murdered On Valentines Day!

#Cousins ; the cause of death within the Valentines Day death of Fort Valley State University senior Anitra Gunna has officially been revealed!

As we previously reported; Gunn’s friends and family contacted local officials after she disappeared on February 14th. Her body was discovered nearly four days later nearside a highway in Crawford County, reports, WMAZ.


Sources have confirmed that Gunn’s death has been ruled a homicide directly caused by her boyfriend DeMarcus Little. The cause of death has been noted as manual strangulation. Reports read that the 23 year old was killed on Valentines day between the hours of 2:30 AM and 11:30 PM near Greer Road.


It has been indicated that Gunn’s autopsy was officially completed on Thursday February 20th, indicating that the murder wasn’t coincidental but very much intentional.

Little had been arrested on February 5th prior to Gunn’s death. He had been brought in on charges of slashing her tires and smashing in her apartment windows. However the charges were dropped after Gunn told officials that she had no knowledge of who committed those apparent crimes.

022120 anitra homicide-0009.jpeg022120 anitra homicide-0009.jpeg

Little has been charged with the death Gunn’s and appeared in court Monday morning.

Family, friends and fellow students gathered together Monday evening to remember the hardworking and determined student at the C.W. Pettigrew Center on the university’s campus.

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