Aoki Lee Simmons Earns Harvard College Acceptance At The Age Of 16!

Congratulations are in order! Daughter of super moguls Kimora Lee and Russell Simmons; Aoki Lee has successfully been accepted to the historical Ivy League college of Harvard! Most importantly Aoki did it all on her own and her family didn’t have to forward not one dollar, implication of bribery or any false pretenses for her to earn such a prestigious acceptance. 


According to #PeopleMagazine an Instagram post forwarded by an excited and proud Kimora Lee shows Aoki and her oldest son Kenzo reading  Aiko’s acceptance letter out loud as she gushed with tears of happiness. Kimora’s caption reads : “Yaaaayyyyy @aokileesimmons!! She’s on her way to #Harvard!! We are so proud of YOU!! Such hard work and only 16! You did it! It took years of super dedication and lots of tears! But HERE YOU ARE!!! GO GIRL!!!” Kimora captioned the clip, which shows Aoki flashing a wide smile as she takes in the news.’ “Enjoy the journey! We are excited to see the great things you will do! Sorry I’m one of those SUPERLOUD MAMAS! She also got into Dartmouth, Vassar, Barnard etc! Woooo!’


Aoki’s Father Russell also took to Instagram to share the news with a speech, reposting the video of his excited daughter. His caption reads; “So blessed @aokileesimmons made it into HARVARD and Kimora, Myself or Tim didn’t have to pull any strings or pay anyone to get her in 😂she made it on her own academic merit, Aoki lee you are [a] source of pride and inspiration to me, your family and the whole world at large as you know… and should always remember. We love you unconditionally whether you have ‘success or failure’ in the world… you will ALWAYS be very successful in the most important category… because you are [a] compassionate, loving spirit who will always have God your family and your extended families love”

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