Black Mother Of 5 Mysteriously Dies At Sleepover With All White Attendees!

The mysterious death of a black mother of five has caused an immediate outrage throughout social media, as we all ponder the obvious: WHAT HAPPEN TO TAMLA HORSFORD ?!”


According to  #WSBTV Horsford was last seen at an overnight adult slumber party within Forsyth County. Sources have indicated that Police officials have released footage of Horsford celebrating her birthday amongst all white attendees, the night prior to her death on November 4th,2018 . The next morning a call was made by the owner of the house boyfriend Jose Barrera after discovering Horsford’s body. “She’s lying in the yard, basically on the patio downstairs. She’s not moving one bit. She’s not breathing,” states Barrera during the emergency call. Horsford was found faced down in the backyard patio of the home.

Though officials have deemed Horsford’s death as accidental stating she feel to her death; Michelle Graves, a friend close to Horsford doesn’t believe the story and is suspicious of foul play. Sources state since Graves publicially announced her suspicion on social media,  the attendees of the fatal party where Horsford died has filed a warrant for her arrest. Graves states her personal information was tapped into such as her home address, driver’s license information and even her mother’s home address. Barrera was Identified within connection of tampering with Graves private information and documents related to the case. He was ultimately fired from his job as a county probation officer. 

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