Charlamagne & Dr. Jessica Clemons Pair Up To Host The First Ever Live Therapy Session: Tackling Mental Health Stigmas

We cant stress enough the importance of #MentalHealthAwareness . There are currently hundreds of thousands people, possibly even millions struggling with their own mental health as we speak. Fortunately the more we speak upon these issues and create different ways for people to feel comfortable enough speak out and receive help the more things will get better.

We are very pleased to announce that power 105.1 radio personality and author #CharlamagneThaGod is scheduled to host a live Q&A with New York City’s best selling author and mental health expert Dr #JessicaClemons . Clemons is a well known radio host who orchestrates  weekly Q&A sessions on the air. Charlamagne has also recently released his second book entitled “ Shook Ones “ where he address the issues of anxiety and the difficulties he personally faced.

According to #TheWrap ; “ In Session Live With Dr. Jess “ is scheduled to air Nov. 12 at 10pm EST on #VH1. Charlemagne and Clemons will be creating history as the first ever live mental health session in television history!.

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