Dave Chapelle & Colin Kaepernick Receive Harvard Honors; W.E.B Du Bois Medal For Culture Contribution

There is great value within creating a platform not only for yourself but also for future generations and millennials to come. It’s imperative that we shine a light on those who are willing to sacrifice their own comfortability to take a stand within society time and time again. Salute to those who are willing to make a difference no matter the risk or consequence we salute you!

Congratulations are in order!  Comedian, #DaveChapelle and former #NFL quarterback #ColinKaepernick are officially Harvard honorees! On October 11th both Chapelle and Kaepernick were amongst eight other recipients to receive the #WEBDuBois medal for their contributions to #BlackHistory and #Blackculture .

According to #USAToday ; the ceremony took place Thursday afternoon and was conducted directly by the Hutchinson Center for African and African American Research at Harvard.

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