Officer Responsible For Murdering 12 Year Old Tamir Rice Is Rehired


His name is #TimothyLoehman ; began his journey as a Police Officer between the years of 2012-2013. Sources state Loehman failed every required exam that could possibly make him an Officer of the law. He was repeatedly denied Policing jobs throughout the country due to extreme acts of disorderly conduct. Within a previous position held where Loehman was quickly hired and fired due to his escalating disruptive behavior; a Police Chief stated“ He should never be able to work within police enforcement in his life “.


Loehman’s job search continued, where he was denied by multiple departments. He then landed a job with the Cleveland Police, who never conducted a background check and within months he killed 12 Year old #TamirRice. The 2014 ordeal occurred when neighbors called 911 of a kid being spotted playing with a possible toy gun within a park. Not only was the gun a toy, but Loehman released fire immediately after arriving at the scene.

According to #TheIndependent ; Loehman was cleared of all charges by a grand jury in 2015; he was later fired by the Cleveland department after being informed by the fact his file identified him as being an unfit officer.

Loehman has been hired as a part time officer within the Bellaire Police department. Chief Richard Dick Flanagan stated “ He was cleared of any and all wrongdoing. He was never charged. It’s over and done with.

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