Police Officials Attempt To Criminalize Botham Shem Jean, Who Was Murdered By An Off-Duty Cop Within His Own Home


It’s been less than two weeks since the shocking death of #BothamShemJean, at the hands of off-duty Cop Amber Guyer. Though Jean’s body was officially l laid to rest on Thursday during an emotional Home-going service; the fight for justice has definitely just began!


Sources state; Dallas police officers obtained a search warrant for the home of the deceased victim. The warrant was issued to begin the investigation behind Jean’s death, which makes zero sense, seeing how one was never issued for Guyer’s home. According to  #BBCnews “Court documents released on Thursday showed that police had found a small amount of marijuana at the property, along with other items such as a lunch box and laptop”.


Officials are attempting to squeeze all they can out of their findings. Meanwhile two eye witnesses have attested to hearing Guyer shout the words “ LET ME IN “ as she banged on the apartment door she “ mistaked “ as her own. Not to mention the fact Guyer’s initial statement indicated that the door was cracked open and she didn’t have to use her key.


Family let’s keep Jean’s loved one’s in our prayers and push for justice to prevail in his name 🌹🙏🏿

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