Black-ish Creator Kenya Barris Confirms That Creative Differences Aren’t The Only Reason He Left ABC


A few months ago we reported that not only did Black-ish Creator #KenyaBarris decided to part ways with his original home at the #ABC network but also snagged a major production deal with the super streaming service #netflix . This news came within radius after the network pulled the plug on a specific episode deemed to take a deeper look into the #Trump administration and their policies. 


According to #EssenceMagazine and the #HollywoodReporter ; sources state that ABC has been trying to grab the attention of more Republican viewers. With the recent re-vamp of shows like “ Roseanne” , staring Roseanne Baar who is also an advid trump supporter and well known racist.


It’s a bit mind boggling as to what ABC is expressing within their actions. Thankfully though the show was cancelled after Barr decided to show the world her true face, upon the racist remarks she made towards our FOREVER President Obama’s administration official Valerie Jarret.

The #Grownish and #GirlsTrip Creator expresses that though he is extremely grateful for the partnership with Netflix he is a bit nervous. “One of my fears at Netflix is that there are so many shows, so it’s my job to make sure in that huge bundle we somehow find a way to be noisy.

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