Retired Navy Veteran’s Body Discovered 3 Years After Death!

#Cousins ; please join us in immediate prayer for a heartbroken family left with nothing but open ended questions upon the recent news of their deceased loved one approximately three years after his death.

WFAA reports retired Navy veteran and world traveler Ronald Wayne White’s lifeless body was recently discovered within a DeSoto , #Texas apartment. It has been indicated that White spent a large portion of his life traveling as a defense contractor. Sources have confirmed that he moved around a lot both in and out of the U.S

Long Island, New York resident and mother to White, Doris Stevens tells local officials that her son would caller her often. “My son would call me at least twice a month. He would call me from Egypt. He would call me from the Philippines. He would call me right from Dallas.” She goes on to state that the frequent phone calls stopped suddenly three years ago and that she began to worry back in April 2017 when she was unable to reach him for his birthday.


Steven says her family didn’t have enough money to hire a private investigator and that the police officials were unable to take a missing persons report because of how much White traveled. None of his family or friend’s knew that had he had been dead the entire time.

“All them days, holidays, I just suffered. Because nobody wanted to help find him,” Stevens states.

Reports read that White’s rent was set up for automatic processing from his bank account each month so the payments continued unknowingly. It wasn’t until last week his body was discovered upon the investigation of apartments within the complex; for unused pipelines. White was discovered dead on the kitchen floor of his apartment unit 1320.

“I can’t hardly cope with it to be honest with you,” states Stevens. “And if I wasn’t around them [her son’s friends, I probably wouldn’t. I can’t hardly deal with it.”

Officials state that multiple diabetes prescriptions were found within his apartment. The window and doors were described as being sealed tight. White’s pick up truck was also found within the same public parking spot from three years ago. There has been no indication of foul play.

“It is sadness to see that a veteran, a decorated veteran, had to go out like this,” states White’s friend and Navy veteran Jerry Hannon.

As of right now the medical examiner hasn’t yet forwarded White’s cause of death. His family and friends are currently preparing for funeral arrangements

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