History To Be Made; Disney Announces It’s First African Princess Fairytale “ Sade “ 👸🏿

Througout our childhood’s Disney has done a fine job of allowing children to tap into their imaginations and soar the skies of all that can be. Kings and Queens from far and wide who obtain magical-capabilities and powers that make the impossible possible. But of all those classic Hero’s and Heroines how many of them speak to the audience of young black and brown children? For years we have hinted at the idea of a Black Princess. Princess Tiana ( 2009 ) and Moana ( 2016 ) it’s obvious that Disney is listening to the people in some formality and is willling to forward change.

We are super excited to announce Disney and Pixel have recently gave the green light to the first African Princess, action-packed  Fairytale; titled “ Sade “ . According to #Deadline The Story is based on an original idea by Ola Shokunbi and Lindsey Reed Palmer.  “ Sade “ tells the story of an African Princess; who over sees her entire kingdom and village. But when a intense force of evil threatens to casts against the people she loves; Sade unknowingly begans her journey as a Warrior. Undergoing trials and tribulations which ultimately lead her to find her true self and the magic that exists within her. 

The movie is to be produced by Rick Famuyiwa and executively produced by Scott Falconer. Their is limited information pertaining to Filipino, there has been no word on casting as of yet.   


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