Chick-fil-A Customer Rewards Employee With A Brand New Home Due To His Generosity!

Without a doubt #ChickFilA has the greatest employees and unmatchable customer service in all of the world ( yes we’re claiming that ). The direct respect and attentiveness each employee displays for their customers has the ability not only to turn someone’s frown upside down, but to also change their lives in the most remarkable way.

According to #Blavity , in 2017 a Chick-fil-A customer Brian Smyth felt devoted to show his appreciation for Shakeel  “ Shak” Williams; a kind hearted employee. Sources state their friendship began a while ago as Smyth was finishing up a meal at one of the fast food chain’s establishments located in McClellanville, South Carolina. Smyth states Williams walked up to him and asked if he could get him anything else and then the two began to converse. Through the conversation Smyth learned of the many different life altering obstacles Williams overcame.

 “He has sickle cell anemia, he has numerous strokes that have left him a little developmentally disabled, but with all of that he still has something that I want,” Smyth tells local news outlets. “He has this sort of natural humanity that just shines through in everything he does.” Williams positive attitude on life despite his struggles is what intrigued Smyth. “We talked for a few minutes, he was holding the door open for me, and he gave me a hug.”

Smyth began to get to know Williams family and decided to lend a helping hand with paying for his medical bills and driving him home. Sources state that one night he just felt that he needed to do more for Williams and his family. He then decided to demolish the trailer Williams lived in with his Mother and siblings and build him a brand new home. The house consisted of brand new applicances which were forwarded by different people who were identified as complete strangers just interested in lending a helping hand. In complete shock and amazement Shak states; “ It’s like a blessing” , after seeing his new home for the first time.    

Shak’s Mother Tolunda states; Shak treats somebody how you want them to treat you, I thank God first of all, and thank God for my son.”

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