JT Explains Why It Was Important For Her To Give Trans-Women Their Flowers In Her Hit Single, “No Bars”

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Cousins! JT’s debut single ‘No Bars’ has not only made its rounds on the music charts but also on social media with online users continuing to quote their favorite line. One bar in particular that caused the City Girl group member to trend was her mention of Transgender women!

While in conversation with Billboard , JT was asked about why it was important for her to give Transgender women their flowers.

“I feel like transgenders are so pretty. They always fixed, they look good. I know a few personally. I call them all the time [and] ask them for, you know, little tricks and trades. They the girls.”

In a previous interview with Genius JT explained that her lyrics, “Pretty like a transgender” was made with no ill intent.

“I just wanted to give transgender women their flowers. Like they titties be sittin’ up. Their face are beautiful. The makeup ideas and how hard they go for their beauty, you know? I love it.”

Fans took to social media following JT’s statement on Billboard to say, “If JT can write a bar about trans women without being disrespectful it isnt Impossible.”

“JT just sees a bad bxtch… trans , boy girl , they/them… she just loves a bad bitch ☺️,” wrote another user.

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