Queen Naija Reveals That She Sometimes Feels Envious Of The Lives Women With No Kids Are Able To Have, “I Never Got A Chance To Learn Myself”

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Cousins! Queen Naija reveals that she sometimes feels envious of the lifestyles of women who have no kids.

While speaking on a newly released episode of her joint podcast ‘Let’s Talk About It” the singer says, “ Sometimes I envy the girls that get to wake up with no kids and like literally get to design their apartments the way that they want ——and just go do whatever they want.”

Naija explains that she began her journey into motherhood as a teenager and became a wife at 19. She says that though her first marriage didn’t work out she hoped into another long-term relationship and had another child which ultimately kept her from from learning herself.

Within the comment section on TikTok, social media users chimed in to a respond to Naija’s statement regarding women with who don’t have children.

“As someone with no kids, I love being kid free! My space is always clean and smells g00d!”

“I always say this. If you have the means to do SO.. HAVE YOUR OWN ROOM. Decorate it cute, keep it clean and pray in there, make it YOUR ALONE SPACE,” wrote another user.

“Agree! I had a baby at 19 too and she just turned 18. I found myself trying to find myself again.”

“YALL HAVE GOOD MEN THAT HELP ! Yall problems are not the same!and yall got married please don’t complain! I hate when women have good men and they complain.”

Cousins, can y’all relate?

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