Blueface Ordered To Pay $13 Million In Damages Following Las Vegas Strip Club Shooting!

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Cousins! Blueface’s legal troubles are far from over following a 2022 Las Vegas Shooting. He may have been able to slip through the cracks in receiving jail time, however he’s recently been ordered to pick up the tab of a $13 million dollars in damages to the club owner!

According to reports from TMZ Hip Hop, the Euphoric Gentleman’s Club owner filed an official law suit against Blue following the incident, while pushing for his arrest. The owner argues that his business was severely damaged and that it completely dismantled.

“The beautiful girls of @euphoric_lasvegas would like to thank the entire country for rocking with us in Las Vegas, We put together a dynasty in such short time, but sadly to announce that @euphoric_lasvegas Will not reopen,” he wrote.

“Unfortunately mr @bluefasebabyy decided to bring gang related activities to our establishment & put all of our girls out of business , & ruined the #1 urban spot in Las a vegas, @euphoric_lasvegas was a spot for everyone to have fun, & everyone super enjoyed it, but as e everyone say. It’s always the blacks that can’t nothing. We knew what we was up against when we opened.”

He continues, “We are not upset with the police for not letting us open, because they gave us a chance that everyone said they wouldn’t. It wasn’t a white man that closed us down It was a black man Mr @bluefasebabyv & we & have lawyered up & make 100% sure that he either spends the rest of his life in prison, or he is going to pay us until the day he leaves this earth . We have given the footage to the police, & the guy that was driving the truck was just beating up by @bluefasebabyy & his crew for absolutely no reason.”

As of Monday October 22nd, a judgement in $13,072,482 was granted to the business owner. The judgement has been split in several categories, $12.6 million dollars in lost revenue, lease damages of $198K, $84K in payroll expenses paid to employees following Euphoric’s shut down.

As we previously reported, Blue received a suspended sentence after receiving a plea deal. He was sentenced to three years of probation without having to serve any jail time as long as he stays on the straight and narrow.

TMZ reports that Blue failed to appear in court when the ruling was issued.

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