Case Dismissed Against Marlon Wayans For Allegedly Disturbing The Peace At A Denver Airport Following A Dispute With A United Airlines Employee!

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Cousins! Denver, Colorado prosecutors have moved forward in dismissing charges against Marlon Wayans following an incident between him and a United Airlines employee over the summer!

As we previously reported back in June the beloved actor and comedian took to Instagram to speak out following the dispute in which he expressed that he felt racially targeted.

“I’ve flown over 15,000,000 miles in my lifetime and I rarely have had problems. Anyone knows who knows me knows I’m a mild mannered dude. This agent was clearly picking on me,” wrote Marlon.

“He asked me to consolidate my bags and i complied. Then said now i have to check the bag because now since i consolidated it into one bag it was too big. At that point i said “see now you’re just fuckin’ with me”. So i grabbed my ticket off the counter got on the plane.”

Police officials state that the altercation began as Marlon was informed that he would not be allowed on his flight due to the number of personal items he attempted to board with. Following an exchange of words, Marlon was cited issued a municipal violation for disturbing the peace.

The Insider reports that the gate agent attempted to physically block Marlon from boarding the flight and that the 51-year-old boarded anyway. He was then asked to exit the plane before departure.

The gate agent is said to have pressed charges against Marlon.

Marlon’s legal team argued on Thursday, October 19th, that race played a factor in the altercation. The following day on October 20th, the case moved for dismissal.

“The City Of Denver finally did what United Airlines has been asking – dismiss this caseOur community does not need one more innocent Black man wrongfully accused and wrongfully convicted,” said Marlon’s lawyer David M. Beller to CBS News. “I hope this inspires everyone to be more aware of their own implicit and explicit bias.”

Marlon has taken to Instagram in response to the case’s dismissal in saying, “Thanks to the C.A. In Denver and all the supporters. This was all BULL**** I was TARGETED. This @united employee cost me money, convenience and time. Just because you wake up on the wrong side of the bed it doesn’t give you the right to be rude to customers. My apologies to the disappointed fans that was left hanging because of this incident.”

He continued, “And whoever the customer service rep is that called me to enforce the policies that i did not break and defend the employee instead of PROTECT THE CUSTOMER you can find the gate agent and drive off the same damn cliff like Thelma & Louise. I hope @united compensates me for my losses, stress and inconvenience so i can close the book on this whole damn thing. I realize i am a celebrity and often times i do get preferential treatment and i am GRATEFUL to any and all those who’ve gone out their way to make thing convenient for me. So thank you for that. But no paying customer should be miss treated by an employee just because they’re in some type of mood. People be nice to people… just be decent. It feels good. ❤️‍🩹 have a blessed day”

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