Yung Joc Shares That He Would Turn Down $250K If He Were Asked To Perform At An LGBTQ+ Event, Explains That He Wouldn’t Feel Comfortable!

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Cousins! In an interview with Vlad TV, Atlanta rapper Yung Joc explores the early stages of his career in comparison to today and things he’s not willing to do no matter the price tag!

The Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta cast member says that though the highest amount he’s ever been offered to perform in his career was $110K, even if the amount were doubled he still wouldn’t feel comfortable taking the stage at an LGBTQ event.

“Ain’t nobody ever gave me $250,000 for a show, ever in my career,” Joc stated. “Don’t get me wrong, if somebody called me today, ‘Yo, man. We’ll give you a quarter-million’…Nah, I may not do it either. It’s not that I have nothing against the LGBTQ people, said Joc.

“But I just may not understand. I may not be in the know enough to feel comfortable enough to do this. Nah, because I don’t want to start doing that. Maybe I don’t want to be comfortable with this lifestyle. Is that OK?”

Within the now widely circulated clip, Yung Joc explains that he doesn’t have anything against members of the LGBTQ+ community, however, he feels his level of understanding differs within certain areas.

Joc adds,”I may not be comfortable rapping this song, and this man is looking at me with lustful eyes with his nipples out. With lipstick on rapping my lyrics to me…It just might not work like that.”

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