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Warrant Issued For Drew Barrymore’s Reported Stalker After He Failed To Show Up For A GPS Monitor Fitting!

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Cousins! A warrant has been issued by local authorities in New York for Drew Barrymore’s reported stalker after he failed to show up for a scheduled GPS monitor fitting.

According to TMZ, the Southhampton Town Clerk’s office has stated that a bench warrant for Chad Michael Busto has been issued as of Wednesday, September 6th. This comes just a few weeks after he was arrested for showing up at the actress’ Hampton’s home.

Reports read that Chad was supposed to appear in person to get fitted for a GPS monitor by the police, but he never appeared. Police officials are currently seeking to apprehend him once again.

As we previously reported Chad has been extremely active over the last few weeks in his enthusiasm to speak with Drew.

In August he attempted to storm the stage during an interview between Drew and singer/actress Renee Rapp. Within a circulated video shared across social media, Chad can be seen quickly approaching the stage and screaming Drew’s name. He said he needed to see her and that she apparently knew who he was.

Two days later Chad traveled house to house within Drew’s Hamptons neighborhood until he found her house. Eventually he discovered her multi-million dollar home and was arrested at her doorstep before he could attempt to enter.

Drew hasn’t yet publicly addressed the series of events. We pray that she and her family remain safe.

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