Songwriter confirms that the classic record “ Electric Slide “ is a salute to Vibrators nation wide!

It is with our sincerest concerns of shock and confusion that we express to you that our beloved “ Cookout “ anthem ain’t what you think it is.

Chile “ The Electric Slide “;  a song that has brought so many black families and friends together as an union, is ironically a salute to a “ Vibrator “ 😱😱😱😱

Neville Livingston aka Bunny Wailer is the original songwriter of the classic track “ Electric Boogie “ better known as “ the electric slide “. Rumors have been circulating heavily across numerous social media platforms over the weekend. Sources close to Neville confirms that the rumors are 100% accurate states . The song derived from a past relationship, his ex sent him packing without hesitation, and wasn’t worried about missing him because her vibrator got the job done each and every time! She even named the toy “ The Electric slide “ 

Neville states : I’m surprised it took people this long to figure out”

Our only question is, are we all still down to dance to this epic record at the next shindig, or it’s over?

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