World’s Largest Rainforest Burning At Alarming Rates Causes Decline In Climate Change!

The largest rainforest in the world is currently enduring record breaking forest fires. These uncontrollable instances are sending a directly alarming message to researchers and scientist who fear that their will be an immediate and life threatening affect to planet earth.

According to #CNN ; Brazil’s Amazon rainforest has endured a record breaking total of 72,843 forest fires and counting in this year alone. Sources have indicated that the number of forest fires have increased by 80% between now and 2018.


The Amazon is double the size of the United States and is often referred to as the world’s lungs. The Amazon produces a strong 20% of oxygen into the earth’s atmosphere. The deeper the damage the rainforest endures only ups the tempo on climate change and global warming. Researchers have confirmed that the fires are burning at a higher rate than ever before with no end in sight.


Thousands of social media users on both Instagram and Twitter use the hashtag #PrayForTheAmazon paired with captured images of dark and gloomy skies and greenery covered in smog. We can only hope that this natural disaster ends sooner than later.

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