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Ice Spice Says The Music Industry Is Ghetto But Fun; Explains How Nothing Catches Her Off Guard Because She Is From The Bronx!

Ice Spice is without a doubt Rap’s latest ‘It Girl’ as she continues to secure major success within the rapidly evolving industry. At only 23 years old one can just imagine how hectic things can get for a such young artist. However the Bronx, New York native has proven within each obstacle thrown her way, she is built for stardom!

While appearing in a new interview Ice Spice reveals her personal opinion of the music industry and how despite chaotic it may get at times her Bronx upbringing has prepared her for pretty much anything.

“Being in the music industry is fun, I’m not to lie. It’s a little bit ghetto but fun,” she says jokingly. “Especially behind the scenes and everything.”

Ice says that she’s not surprised by anything when asked has anyone’s actions caught her off guard .“No. I’m from The Bronx”

“A lot of people..”‘she explains. “I’m real classy and I’m pretty. But I am from The Bronx. I am from Fordham, bro. I took the four trains and the one train every day, I do this.”

Ice also addressed misconceptions people may have surrounding her in the industry, from the type of music she makes including stereotypes about being from New York where folks believe you have to be one type of way.

“A lot of people think because you’re from The Bronx you have to be one type of way. But there are so many people and so many different cultures.”

Ice also advises artists coming up in the industry to be themselves. “Be yourself. A lot of people think because I’m from The Bronx I got to act different or I’m being fake classy or whatever. I don’t even consider myself classy. I just think I’m to myself.”

Further in the interview, the ‘Munch (Feelin U ) ‘ rapper reflected on her fun childhood in the Bronx and how she has unforgettable experiences.

“A childhood in the Bronx, I’m not going to lie, is fun for me. That’s how my childhood was. I know a lot of people in the Bronx have different experiences, especially depending on what part of the Bronx you from. But I had a fun childhood. I mean, I only know it from my perspective. I don’t know… “

“You know what I’m saying? It’s hard to compare it to other people. Huge music place, yeah. When you’re walking on Fordham, stores just playing music to try to get you to come in. The stores will have the music playing and on a speaker outside.

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