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Burger King Debuts Real Cheeseburger With 20 Slices Of Actual Cheese!

Cousins! The fast food chain of Burger King has opted to feed the cravings of all dairy lovers with a newly debuted sandwich that consists of cheese and lots of it!

According to reports from CNN, Burger King Thailand has officially introduced the “Real Cheeseburger,” to their customers. The sandwich consists of no condiments in comparison to their usual burgers as it only comes with bread and about twenty slices of cheese.

The news was confirmed on Facebook as social media users criticized the circulated marketing and insisted the newly debuted sandwich was fake. “Not for fun, this is for real! Real cheeseburger from Burger King! 🍔,” reads a translation of a Facebook post from Burger King Thailand. “Carrying up to 20 slices of American cheese!!! 🧀”

The post continues with further details indicating that the sandwich is currently being offered for 109 Thai baht ($3.13); noting that it would normally cost 380 baht ($10.93).

Sources state that the real cheeseburger has been selling out of stores fast as Tiktok users have made it into a viral trend. However, most people are said to only be able to make it through two or three bites.

Cousins, would y’all try the real cheeseburger if it came to the U.S.?

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