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Brave Six Year Old Girl Fought Off Man In Attempted Kidnapping !

Cousins! Miami officials have arrested a 32-year-old North Miami man this past weekend after he was identified as attempting to kidnap a young girl as she played outside of her house.

According to ABC News, the incident took place around 8 PM on Thursday, July 6th, within the neighborhood of Little Hati as little Lyric had been outside playing with her siblings.

Leonardo Venegas is said to have pulled up in a Range Rover to the little girl’s apartment building. Officials state he got out of his car and grabbed at the little girl’s arm as she sat on the edge of the apartment building’s steps.

Police state that Lyric fought back and immediately pulled away from Leonardo, but he continued in picking her up and made strides to carry her away. Thinking quickly she then bit him so hard that he dropped her.

“I bit him,” said the 6-year-old to local news.

“He picked me up and then he slapped me,” said lyric. “Then he threw me on the floor and started running.”

6-year-old ran to the front of the building and told her aunt what happened, according to the affidavit forwarded to the outlet.

Reports read that the Miami officials detailed that obtained footage showed a white Range Rover entering the apartment complex and the suspect walking to the rear of the complex towards the staircase.

The six year old confirmed that the man seen in the video was the same person who attempted to to kidnap her.

The white SUV was discovered at an address in Miami where Venegas was ultimately taken into custody, reads an arrest record. He is scheduled to appear in court sometime in September.

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