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Neighbor Alerts Police After Mistakenly Thinking Resident Had A Woman Trapped In Their Trunk, “That’s My Wig”

Cousins! A group of residents in Ohio contacted local officials with concern after noticing hair hanging out of a woman’s trunk.

According to the New York Post, they thought someone had been taken against their will and murdered!

Within a now-viral video, Police can be seen showing up to a woman identified as Toria Townsend’s Massillon, Ohio home. The arriving officer begins by asking her if she was a hair stylist of some sort and then explaining her neighbor’s concerns of kidnapping as hair is seen coming out of her vehicle’s trunk. The 30-year-old is in shock as she screams that is not a person but her actual wig/weave spiraling out.

“Oh my Jesus, that’s my weave!” Towsend responded as she ran into the qhouse to get her keys. The 30-year-old says that she had just tossed the hair in her trunk.

📷: The weave sticking out of Toria Thompson’s car had given other motorists a scare and prompted them to alert authorities.
Courtesy of Toria Townsend

Townsend details that she had been in a rush to get to her scheduled hair appointment and that she just threw the wig in there to speed up the process of things. The officers state that someone took a picture of her license plate along with the hair and sent it to the police.

With a major “Ah ha” moment, Townsend replies she was curious as to why she was getting so many dirty looks as she drove home.“People kept mugging me and giving me dirty looks. I’m like, ‘Why did everyone wake up on the wrong side of the bed,” she said to the New York Post.

Thankfully the officers weren’t upset instead everyone got a good chuckle out of the hilarious moment.

“Honestly, I’m glad that the person called. It shows how much the community cares,” she said. “Every time you look up, it’s not a good outcome when it comes to a person of color and a police officer. When you finally see that person having jokes and laughing with smiles — that’s amazing.

Townsend added, “The police officers were extremely nice. They didn’t make assumptions.”

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