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Amber Rose Speaks Out Following Claims That She Doesn’t Acknowledge Her Black Side, “The Internet Is Trying To Bully Me Because I’m Black And White???”

Cousins! Following a recently released episode of College Hill : Celebrity edition, Amber Rose has found herself as the face of an ongoing race debate throughout social media!

Within a now widely circulated clip, #JoselineHernandez can be heard calling out Amber upon claims of her wanting to be a, “white girl”. This comes moments after the mother of two confessed within an Alabama State University (ASU) classroom amongst her fellow celebrity classmates, “I don’t fit in white spaces, but I don’t fit in black spaces.”

“Joseline, stop identifying me,” Amber said shortly before he two women proceeded to have a physical altercation.

“I identify myself and let you know who that is.” “If you gon’ check me, then check me!” Josline then responded, “You know what your problem is?! Your problem is that you really wanna be a white girl.”

“If you gon’ check me, then check me!” said the former Love and Hip Hop star. “You know what your problem is?! Your problem is that you really want to be a white girl,” the TV personality told her housemate. “Let’s just get down to the point.”

She continued, “Your problem is that you don’t even want to really be Black.”

As the clip continued to rack up in views, social media users tapped in with their thoughts of Amber’s comments and even dug up a previous interview where she explained why she identifies as a mixed woman as oppose to a Black woman.

Amber took to her verified Instagram to with a series of posts to her story.

“Biracial person – I’m Black
People- you don’t know the black
experience shut up
Biracial person- I’m white
People- ur Black shut up
Biracial person – I’m mixed
People- pick a side”

Amber wrote in another post, “Y’all really don’t with me because I claim both sides of my family??? @& perpetuating hate, racism and colorism not me. That’s your problem not
mine. I’m not gonna apologize for being born”

“ This is the last time I’m talking about race
I’m BLACK AND WHITE (Mixed) That’s how l identify if you don’t like it you can suck my ****”

She also wrote, “Bruh the Internet is remedial
as f*** y’all know exactly what I was saying as a mixed person about not fitting in anywhere on BOTH SIDES now y’all wanna act like I hate
being in black spaces GTFOH! Then I’m wrong when I feel like the victim.
The internet is trying to bully me because I’m BLACK AND WHITE ???? WTF IS WRONG
I never denounced my blackness. I don’t understand where people are getting that
from???A 5 second clip??? WATCH

Cousins, what are your thoughts on this? Check out what social media users said below 👇🏿

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