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Vivica A. Fox Says She’s Down To Rekindling A Relationship With 50 Cent, ” Why Not”

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Whelp cousins, it appears that ‘Spin The Block’ season is still in affect as Vivica A. Fox said she’s not opposed to rekindling a relationship with Curtis ‘50 Cent’ Jackson!

While appearing on the Sherri Shepherd talk show this week, the actress was asked about a recent name drop by the television executive in connection to a project of hers, Vivica says that’s his way of showing support and that she accepts it.

“He’s still saying your name,” said Shepherd, about Vivica’s upcoming First Lady of BMF film. “Curtis is still saying your name, how do you feel about that?”. Vivica responded in saying, “I took it as a compliment, that was his way of showing support. Thanks, boo.”

Vivica was also asked if she would ever think about getting back with 50 she responded, “Ben [Affleck] and Jen [Jennifer Lopez] did it, why not?”

The 58 year old speaks further on what she’s looking for in a relationship. “I’m looking for a partner… someone that’s fun, got their own identity… their own money. I’m not trying to be a sugar mama.”

A few years ago Vivica referred to 50 as being the love of her life in revealing that the two ultimately broke up due to the pressure put on them by being in the spotlight.

“I’m never bothered by when she says that,” said the New York native in response. “At the time that we actually connected with each other, we were unconscious of everything else.”

He explained, “She’ll always say — if you listen to her — [the relationship] would’ve been private.”

“It got so uncomfortable with everybody else — when you get pushed and pulled in different directions without it even being her decision. Her publicist would say, ‘Do this.’ This person, ‘Do this.’ And then you go, ‘All right. This is not the right thing.”

Cousins, would y’all be here for Vivica and Curtis giving it one more try? Check out what social media users had to say below 👇🏿

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