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Tyrel Williams Says The Way Tyler James Williams Handled Him And Their Younger Sibling Coming Out Should Be Studied!

Cousins! Actor Tyrel Jackson Williams has taken to social media in giving his older brother Tyler James Williams his flowers for Pride Month as he speaks on how the Abbott Elementary actor committed to doing the work when he and their youngest sibling came out!

Speaking within admiration for Tyler as to why he is his favorite person based on his genuineness Tyrel says he enjoys, “seeing people realize the caliber of person my older brother is.”

“The way he handled my and our younger brother’s coming out should be studied,” said the 26 year old within a now viral Twitter thread. “He COMPLETELY deconstructed his views on masculinity and made sure to build spaces for us to be comfortable and seen until we were ready to tell our friends/family.”

He says that his Tyler read “We Real Cool” and “The Will To Change” by bell hooks, before recommending and discussing them with him and his younger brother.

“We all rebuilt our definition of manhood together, brick-by-brick. And it was not easy work. But we weren’t doing it alone,” Tyrel Jackson wrote. “THAT is gender affirming care. Someone allowing you space to, not only express, but discover yourself.”

Tyrel added: “One of the (many) joys of queerness that isn’t talked about nearly enough is the act of complete reconstruction of one’s ego. What you are is not what you’ve been conditioned to believe.”

“So I want to give Ty his flowers this pride month,” he said. “A true representation of healthy masculinity and effective allyship. Give him all of the awards forever.”

Prior to Tyrel’s praise Tyler had taken to Instagram where he addressed rumors about his sexuality. “Usually I wouldn’t address stuff like this but I feel like it as a conversation is bigger than me,” he wrote. “I’m not gay; but I think the culture of trying to ‘find’ some kind of hidden trait or behavior that a closeted person ‘let slip’ is very dangerous.”

Let’s give it up for both Tyrel and Tyler in bringing awareness to the importance of impactful conversations surrounding sexuality and acceptance.

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