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Lil Wayne Confesses That He Can Barely Remember His Carter Mixtapes; God Blessed Me With This Amazing Mind But Would Not Give Me An Amazing Memory..”

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Cousins! Lil Wayne has lead an impactful career in music over the last couple of decades as he has gently sprinkled his artistic genius across multiple decades within influence alone!

It might be safe to say that kids of today may never know how the New Orleans native had the streets on lock following the release of his five-part mixtape series ‘Tha Carter’. Ranging from 2004 to 2018.

In conversation with Rolling Stone the Young Money rapper celebrates the official 15th anniversary of his legendary project while also admitting that he can’t remember the differences between any of them. “I’m going to be so honest with you: I don’t know Tha Carter III, Tha Carter II, Tha Carter One from Tha Carter IV. And that’s just my God’s honest truth,” he revealed. “You could lie, you could ask me [about] such and such song, I wouldn’t even know what we talking about. So, it holds no significance to me at all.”

Wayne explains that his busy schedule and continuous work ethic play a major part in his inability to remember the fan-favorite projects, ““I work every day, bro — every single day.”

“I believe that [God] blessed me with this amazing mind, but would not give [me] an amazing memory to remember this amazing sh*t.”

The Carter III mixtape provided Wayne global status as it produced hits such as ‘Lollipop’ , ‘Mrs. Officer’ and ‘ A Milli’ to name a few.

As far as his creative process Wayne explains, “ All of them have their own approach. If it’s a Tha Carter song, I approach it with a Carter song effect. Some mixtapes I [rhyme over] all the songs that are recently out, that are hot songs. And I approach those the same way the original artist approached them. I just say different words.

“If it’s a mixtape with DJ Drama, then I know Drama’s going to want a lot of original songs. But the way I approach those, I say whatever the hell I want, because I know that’s what Drama wants.

In a dated interview from a few years ago with Fox Sports’ Darnell Smith, Wayne was unable to recognize the lyrics to one of his biggest as they were recited back to him.

Within his career the 40 year old has successfully released 13 studio albums, 5 EPs along with 18 mixtapes. According to Hiphop DX he has two new albums — Tha Carter VI and I Am Not a Human Being III — currently in the works.

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