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50 Cent Says He Was Paid $17K Per Episode Of ‘Power,’ On Starz Despite Executive Producing, Starring And Making Music For The Show, “ I Get Paid More To Go To The Nightclub And Wave”

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Cousins! After years of back and forth between 50 Cent and Starz, the G-unit founder is officially shedding light on his time with the network and the obstacles he often faced!

The Queens, New York native says in an interview with Vulture, that before landing a home at Starz the show was shopped around to numerous networks including Paramount and Hulu. “We went to all these organizations in the early stages. They probably had something else they felt was similar, or it wasn’t what they was looking for.” He added, “I’m sure now they wish they didn’t pass on it.”

50 also says that despite being a wearer of many hats for the hit series ‘Power’ and also succeeding in record-breaking viewership, he had to endure a continuous battle especially when it came down to negotiating contracts. “And then every two years, it felt like we was auditioning for a major carrier,” he said.

He explained that when it came down to renegotiating his contract with Starz he’d often be faced with an issue. “It’s time to renegotiate, and it would be an issue. So for me at that point, really what it is, is racism. Because the project is a success, but the platforms are not necessarily acknowledging things that have diversity connected to them. I’m outperforming a lot of the shows that they had in the award-show ceremony, and they’re not putting the work in the awards show, even to watch it lose.”

The 47 years old says that upon him taking a step away from the music industry to build G-Unit Film & Television up he took a major pay cut. “There’s no one that could come and tell me to take $17,000 to act and executive produce and make music.”

He says, “I gave them the theme song for Power. I gave them the things that connected, hopefully, in a different way for it. You see what I’m saying? All those things for $17,000 per episode? I get paid more to go to the nightclub and wave.”

50 says despite the ongoing issues he had with the network there was always a bigger picture at hand. “I wanted to make it so bad,” he said. “When I was talking to executive producer Mark Canton in the beginning, I was like, ‘Nah, I got to be like this.’”

However in September 2022, the father of two decided not to renew G-Unit Film & Television production company’s contract with the network once their deal expired. He then signed on with Fox in February of this year.

“I am excited to formalize a partnership with Michael Thorn and FOX that will allow G-Unit Film & Television to focus on putting multiple series on FOX, a perfect broadcast destination for G-Unit Film & Television content while our premium, streaming, scripted and non-scripted slates continue to grow in all directions,” said 50 in a forwarded statement.

“I have the number 1,2,3, and 4 top Tv shows in African American, and Latina households and i hate that i did them with the wrong people,” 50 tweeted in April. “I’m not doing any BMF spin offs or selling any other shows to STARZ,” reads a tweet from April.

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