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General Mills Issues Flour Recall; Warns Of Salmonella Discovery!

Cousins! General Mills has issued an official nationwide recall for both of their bleached and unbleached flour products following a sampling in which they discovered Salmonella within a 5 pound bag!

According to the New York Post, as of Friday April 28th, the company has recalled 2-, 5- and 10-pound (0.9-, 2.3- and 4.5-kilogram) bags of its Gold Medal Unbleached and Bleached All Purpose Flour with a “better if used by” date of March 27, 2024, and March 28, 2024.

Within a post to their official website they’ve advise consumers to check their cabinets as well as their pantries efficiently and to toss out any item affected by the recall.

The U.S Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) along with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC ) has also issued a warning to the public that no one should eat any raw products made with flour.

Salmonella can be killed through heat by either baking, boiling or frying a food in flour says the outlet.

Customers have been advised to contact General Mills Consumer Relations at 1-800-230-8103 for any further inquiries.

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