Exonerated 5 Member Yuusef Salaam Responds To News Of Former President Donald Trump’s Federal Indictment, “Karma”

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Cousins! Former President Donald Trump made major headlines this week following confirmed reports that he is set to undergo a federal indictment. As seemingly expected folks across the country have poured in on social media with their inner most honest feelings towards Trump’s takedown.

Amongst the long list of commenters is Exonerated Five member and New York City Councilman candidate Yuusef Salaam. He took to Twitter this week to respond to the news of Trump’s hefty indictment. “ For those asking about my statement on the indictment of Donald Trump – who never said sorry for calling for my execution – here it is: Karma,’ reads the tweet.

According to CNN, Trump has made history as the very first former U.S President to ever be indicted by a Grand Jury, as he is currently facing over 30 charges in connection to alleged business fraud amongst other various legal issues.

Yuusef’s history with the 45th President runs deep as it was nearly 35 years ago when the multi-business owner and former real estate agent took out an advertisement spread amongst four New York City newspapers requesting the state to reinstate the death penalty. Trump is said to have pushed for the execution of all five teenagers wrongfully accused of brutally attacking a white woman as she jogged in Central Park within the late 80s.

Despite the young Black and Brown men being fully exonerated years later in 2002 following the confession of the responsible culprit to the inhumane attack; Trump to this date has refused to apologize. “..you have people on both sides of that. They admitted their guilt,” he said within a forwarded statement in 2019.

Yuusef along Antron McCray, Kevin Richardson, Raymond Santana and Korey Wise were pressured into a falsified confession without proper legal or guardianship assistance; reports The Independent. After serving multiple sentences ranging between six to eleven years; all five men later received a multimillion-dollar settlement from the City of New York.

Reports read Trump is scheduled to appear at the prosecutor’s office for processing to have his mugshot and finger print taken some time next week. The 76 year old is also set to appear in court where he will be advised by the proceeding judge of all the charges he’s currently facing.

It has been indicated that despite his current status Trump is still eligible to run for presidency and actually win.

Cousins, what are your thoughts on this? Be sure to check out the extensive timeline of Trump’s alleged charges ranging all the way back to 2006.

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