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“Where’s RedMan?” Social Media Users React To The Latest Episode Of Power Book 2 : Ghost!

( 📸: Starz )

Cousins! We hate to spoil the latest episode of Power Book II : Ghost for y’all so if you haven’t tapped in yet KEEP SCROLLING! 👀

For those that have seen the latest episode of the fan favorite series, folks on social media are currently pulling up to the function with the same question we all have, “ Harpo who is dis man!”

Apparently in episode 303 titled “Human Capital” viewers are introduced to a new actor that has now been casted as Reginald Noble who was originally played by Red Man in seasons one and two. Reginald serves as the brother to high power money hungry attorney Davis McClean portrayed by Method Man.

The shift in actors caught fans by surprise as folks truly enjoyed seeing Method and Red tap into the acting scene together once again.

Just two weeks ago Method Man had spoke with Vibe Magazine as he dished on his feelings of excitement of sharing the big screen with RedMan.

“It was dope,” said Meth. “ I mean, that was Courtney’s [Kemp] idea. And of course, before she even finished the sentence, I was kind of more or less like, ‘Say less. I got them. Let’s bring him in.’”

Though Method Man never denied or confirmed his longtime friend would be returning to the series he did explain that their bond is extremely special based on their friendship and trust for one another.

“It’s always dope to work with somebody you’ve worked with over the years, but just not somebody that you’ve always worked with, but someone that you trust as far as stage performances and things like that.”

He continued, “So anytime you put Redman and Method Man on-screen together, not only are you going to get chemistry, you going to get synergy, as well as professionalism.”

Cousins be sure to check out what social media users have to say. Let us know your thoughts of episode 303 of Power Book 2: Ghost also 👇🏿

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