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Dollar Tree Franchise Announces They Will No Longer Be Able To Sell Eggs Due To Price Surge!

Cousins! The expenses of eggs has taken a toll on folks around the country for both shoppers and store owners as they’ve been forced to raise their prices in order to make profit. The latest franchise to join the conversation is everyone’s favorite one stop shop of Dollar Tree, however they’re currently singing a different tune in declaring they won’t be able to sell eggs anymore!

According to WISN news, earlier this month Dollar Tree issued a forwarded statement in regards to them putting a halt on egg sales. “Our primary price point at Dollar Tree is $1.25. The cost of eggs is currently very high,” said company spokesperson Randy Guiler. Dollar Tree.

It has been indicated that since the store’s usual price point ranges between $1.25 and selected items being offered for $3-5 dollars the company wouldn’t be able to offer eggs at a flat price because they wouldn’t make a substantial profit. “..costs are more in line with historical levels,” said Randy.

Despite eggs currently being offered at a cheaper rate reports read that eggs have experienced a 38% price increase for producers annually since February followed by a 55% increase for shoppers reads data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Dollar Tree’s decision to pause on selling eggs is also due to strict store operations set in place,” said David D’Arezzo, a former executive at Dollar General. He explains that store operations ultimately take a hit as employees are forced to continuously update tags on eggs every week due to the rapid price change.

“The chain caters to low and middle-income customers and it doesn’t want to offer eggs at sticker shock prices to hurt its price reputation with shoppers, D’Arezzo said.

Originally Dollar Tree used to sell six to eight eggs for $1, However back in 2021, they announced raise in prices to $1.25. The 25 cent increase was due to issues the company faced with obtaining profit following due to the pandemic.

Though Dollar Tree will stop selling eggs; Family Dollar which is owned by Dollar Tree, is said to be continuing on with egg sales confirms Reuters.

Cousins, what are your thoughts on this?

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