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Detroit Grandmother Sets Up GoFundMe Account To Help Raise Grandchildren After Her Daughter Passes Away Following Birth Of 12th Child!

Cousins! A Detroit grandmother is stepping up and taking on the full responsibility of raising all twelve of her grandchildren after their mother tragically passed away following the birth of her youngest child!

Sadly 35 year old Nakita Washington is said to have died earlier this within the process of giving birth to her baby boy Nathaniel while at Harper University Hospital. “They’re taking it hard. They have good days, and they have bad days,” said Nakita’s mother Patricia Pouncey.

Within an interview with local news Patricia says that she wants to know exactly what occurred for her daughter to have passed away at such a young age.”If she died naturally, I want to know. If one of them doctors did something, I wanna know that too,” she said.

Patricia declares that the family is currently awaiting the results of a full autopsy, “I’m hurt, I’m confused.”

According to Fox News upon reaching out for comments, Detroit Medical Center states they have offered their condolences. However, in efforts of protecting patient privacy they are prohibited from further discussing this case.

Patricia says that she is going to continue to raise each of the children and work hard to keep them together, but she needs assistance.

“I already thought about it, and I’m gonna fight to keep them together and keep them with me.”

She continued,”I’m just stuck right now. I have all 12 of her kids right now with me, so I got to get a bigger house because my house is too small.”

It has also been stated that a new vehicle is needed, due to a crash their current car isn’t functioning properly.

A GoFundMe account has been set up in efforts of receiving donations for Nakita’s burial arrangements and assistance with raising her children. “…after having her 12th baby boy who healthy and so incredible beautiful but will never meet his mother unfortunately she didn’t have a insurance policy ,” reads the donation description.”

“Whatever God sits on your heart to do, because we appreciate everything,”

Cousins, you can donate at the provided link any amount is welcomed. Please keep the entire family in your prayers.

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