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Chris Brown Responds To A Social Media User’s Claims That She Was Denied Access To His VIP After Party Because She’s Dark Skinned,” This The Dumbest Sh*t I’ve Ever Heard”

Cousins! Following a group of young women from London’s now viral TikTok where they claimed they were denied access to Chris Brown ‘s VIP after party, the Grammy award winning artist has officially responded!

Within the shared video a young woman amongst her group of friends recalled the claimed series of events. The ladies state they were allegedly banned from entering the VIP section of the party where Chris was as they awaited on line. The group claims that security allowed entry to white and light skinned women.

We were supposed to go to see Chris Brown and there were thousands of girls lining up there. Thousands of girls, and they were not getting in. And we were supposed to be on the VIP guest list,” said the Tik-Tok user.

Her friends also added to the conversation in saying, “ They forgot to tell us that Black girls ain’t allowed.” Another woman added, “They said, ‘No Black girls allowed. No Black girls allowed. No Black girls allowed.”

The rest of the woman’s friends also chimed in to say, “Chris Brown. What happened to Chris Brown, man? It’s not Chris Brown, it’s Chris Black. What the f**k do you mean?”

The second woman jumped back into the camera and said, “F**k you man,” as she held up her middle finger. The original Tik Tok user turned , “Guys, they’re only letting white tings in. I’m not racist but…”

As the video made its round, social media users came to Chris defense with a video clip of the party in question that shows a variation of Melanated queens in his section.

“ STOP IT! I have Black queens all around me. Thop reachingggggg,” wrote the father of three in a shared video on Instagram. He even hopped into the comment section of our post to clarify the issue at hand.

In response the British woman backtracked her statement and clarified that the ordeal had nothing to do with Chris but actually the promoters of the venue. “ I just want to put out there that, that video has nothing to do with Chris Brown like absolutely nothing”

Cousins, what are your thoughts on this? Check out what social media users had to say below 👇🏿

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