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Coolio’s Family Get Headstone That Plays Hit Single ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’

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Cousins! Coolio’s family is continuing his legacy following his passing as they recently set up a new headstone that play’s his chart topping 90’s single ” Gansta’s Paradise’ as folks visit to pay their respects!

According to TMZ, despite Coolio being cremated his family wanted to create a headstone that would allow his loved ones a physical space to visit and remember him. His children are also said to wear his ashes in necklaces.

The creator of the sincerely symbolic piece known as Cemetery Tim has also set up headstones for public figures such as Nate Dogg, Eazy E and more.

( 📸: TMZ )

Reports read that Coolio’s girlfriend Mimi directly contacted Tim about the headstone and that within a week’s time he was able to deliver the piece. The headstone has already been installed and set in the ground within an undisclosed location within Los Angeles. The outlet confirms that the headstone is kept within a private area not opened to the public in efforts of allowing his family to pay their respects peacefully.

Images of the headstone have surfaced on social media as it shows a series of photos of the late rapper along with a picture of Coolio’s Walk of Fame star. The bottom of the headstone is said to read,” I’m home now in gangsta’s paradise”

Sadly Coolio passed away back in September of 2022 while at a friend’s house in Los Angeles. Though official details of his passing haven’t been publicly disclosed, it has been hinted at Coolo’s longtime struggle with Asthma as possibly being a weighing factor.

According to Page Six, Coolio is said to have passed away without an official will set in place. His former manager Jarez Posey has already began the official legal process of having the late rapper’s estate appraised with his 7 adult children being named as beneficiaries.

Court documents read that Coolio’s estate has been estimated to be more than $300,000 which includes personal properties, deposit accounts, insurance policies and royalties.

Coolio is said to have had a total of 10 children in all.

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