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Gabrielle Union Speaks On Her Previous Marriage To Chris Howard; Says Neither Of Them Believed That Marriage Should Get In The Way Of Them Dating Other People And That She Felt Entitled To Cheat Because She Was Paying All Of The Bills!

Cousins! A recent interview with Gabrielle Union discussing her first marriage to former NFL player Chris Howard is making its rounds as she reveals how their was both disruptive and chaotic!

Gabrielle and Chris exchanged vows back in 2001 and had finalized their divorce five years later in 2006. “I definitely was not getting wife of the year awards,” said Gabrielle. “In my first marriage, neither one of us felt like the marriage should get in the way of our dating.”

She explains that she was cheating based off of the fact that Chris had been having relations outside of their marriage and that based off the dynamics of power she witnessed at home growing up as a child. “I just felt entitled to it as well. I was paying all the bills. … Like my dad before me, whoever has the most gets to do whatever the hell they want.”

Gabrielle explains that she wished she felt more guilty about her actions within her previous marriage to Chris but doesn’t. “It was such a stupid relationship that should have never got out of the dating phase.”

She revealed that a friend had gifted the former couple a therapy session and that the therapist highly recommended for them to separate simply because they had “nothing in common.”

The Omaha native recalls the therapist commenting that “The one thing you guys have in common is other people so why don’t you just be with other people?”

Gabrielle’s comments were met with mixed reviews from social media users as they debate over if her statements surrounding infidelity would’ve been acceptable if she were a male.

“If a man said this y’all be on his ass. But since it’s Gabrielle Union y’all sayin it’s respectable. Some of y’all females are something else 💀
Stay toxic kings😭✊🏼,”tweeted one user.

“Everyone’s like if Gabrielle Union was a man you wouldn’t say she deserved to cheat man y’all hella funny 😭😭😭,” wrote a social media user on Twitter.

“So you think cheating in a marriage is ok if he cheats too or if you make the $ and pay the bills? Good luck explaining yourself when you stand before God! He won’t look too kindly on this. When it is your time, I suggest you request nice COOL clothing,” tweeted one user.

Despite the trials and tribulations of her first marriage, Gabrielle has been married to retired NBA all-star Dwyane Wade since 2014. Together the pair share a four year old daughter Kaavia James Wade.

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