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Breonna Taylor’s Boyfriend Kenneth Walker Reaches Settlement With City Of Louisville For $2 Million Dollars

Cousins! The city of Louisville has reached two official settlements within the lawsuits filed by Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend Kenneth Walker in both state and federal court!

“While this tragedy will haunt Kenny for the rest of his life, he is pleased that this chapter of his life is completed. He will live with the effects of being put in harm’s way due to a falsified warrant, to being a victim of a hailstorm of gunfire and to suffering the unimaginable and horrific death of Breonna Taylor,” stated Kenneth’s attorney Steve Romines on Monday.

According to reports from CNN, in September 2020 Kenneth filed a lawsuit in state court as well as a Federal Civil Rights lawsuit in March 2021. Legal documents declare the officers involved within the murder of Breonna as defendants for securing a “materially false” search warrant.

Court documents indicate that the proposed settlement will cover both lawsuits.

As we previously reported on March 13th. 2020 both Breonna and Kenneth had been home in their apartment settling down for the night when police officials burst inside to issue a drug warrant. However they used a ‘no-knock warrant’ to enter the home.

Kenneth later revealed that both him and Breonna had yelled asking who was at the door, and never received a response. He is said to had to have opened fire at police officers with a legal firearm, unknowingly as they entered believing that they were intruders.

A single bullet is said to had hit Sgt. John Mattingly in his leg. Mattingly alongside two officers opened fire also resulting in the death of Breonna.

Kenneth had initially faced charges for attempted murder of a police officer, thankfully the charges against him were soon dropped as protests in response to the case erupted around the country. Breonna’s tragic death also pushed for lawmakers to take a deeper look at the controversy ‘no-knock- warrants’ underlay.

It hasn’t been announced whether or not the issued agreement confirms that officials have admitted to their wrong doing.

NPR reports, Kenneth’s legal team shares that portions of his settlement will be utilized to establish a scholarship fund for law school students seeking to practice civil rights law. He is also going to donate a portion in efforts of contributing to the police and community reform Center for Innovations in Community Safety at Georgetown Law School.

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