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Boosie Responds To Donald Trump’s Demands For Drug Dealers To Receive The Death Penalty If He’s Elected Back In Office; “Is You Gon Have The Death Penalty For White Cops That Kill Innocent Black Men? “

Cousins! Donald Trump has officially thrown his hat in for the possibility of entering the White House again as, he recently confirmed he will be running for re-election in 2024. During a recently held press conference he declared that his very first line of business if elected back in office is to make sure all drug dealers receive the death penalty!

Trump shared that he will call on lawmakers demanding that anyone caught selling drugs to be handed down a death penalty ruling. “I will ask Congress for a legislation ensuring that drug dealers and human traffickers — these are terrible, terrible, horrible people — who are responsible for death, carnage and crime all over our country; every drug dealer during his or her life, on average, will kill 500 people with the drugs they sell,” he stated.

“Not to mention, the destruction of families. We’re going to be asking everyone who sells drugs, is caught selling drugs, to receive the death penalty for their heinous acts because it’s the only way,” Trump concluded.

Trump’s speech was met with thousands of comments on social media as folks responded with outrage. Amongst those commenters was #Boosie who was equally upset at Trump’s proposal and asked would white cops that kill innocent Black men have the same fate as his announced plans for drug dealer.

As the conversation continued on Twitter online users agreed that drug dealing is a exceedingly growing issue in the U.S that has been the cause of thousands of deaths in the last few years. “Lacing drugs with fentanyl is the primary cause of fentanyl deaths which is an epidemic, and also exactly what trump referred to in the comment that this tweet thread is about. Death to those dealers is reasonable and just. Nobody really cares about weed.”

While others argued that there are far more pressing issues that need to be addressed and brought to the attention of lawmakers.

“Trump said tonight he wants to execute drug dealers. Well, if anyone should be executed, it’s HIM—a traitor, an insurrectionist, a rapist, a tax cheat, an agent for our enemies. No one person has done more damage to the United States than Donald F*** Trump. I said what I said” reads a tweet.

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