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Momma Dee Trends On Social Media Following Heartbreaking Conversation With Momma Dee!

Cousins! The latest episode of ‘Love And Hip Hop Atlanta’ was a real tear jerker as Lil Scrappy opened up to his mother about his childhood experiences!

In efforts of ending the feud between his wife Bambi and mother Madonna Dee, Scrappy spoke wholeheartedly about how their beefing takes a toll on him. “F**k cameras and all that s**t,” he said. “I just want to say this, you my mama…this is my wife. I don’t have nobody if y’all ain’t with me. I don’t have nobody.”

Scrappy spoke wholeheartedly about the childhood traumas he lives with everyday and how it has spilled over into his marriage.

“You know why I’m like how I am with her?” he said to Momma Dee. “I saw your lifestyle. I grew up in a whore house. I grew up in a trap house, so all I knew was that… I love you ’cause you held it down, and you did what you had to do, but imagine… you never had to sleep with your mama 24/7 ’cause you couldn’t go in your room.”

“The way I was raised, I had to deal with that s**t cuz. Everything that happened, I had to deal with that,” Lil Scrappy continued. “And I’m still dealing with [it] ’cause ain’t nobody come and take me to get no help. I learned about that when I got older.”

The video clip went viral throughout social media as countless online users chimed in speaking on how they also can relate. Check it 👇🏿

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