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Lala Says She’ll Never Get Married Again, “I’ve Experienced It And I Know The Good And The Bad That Happened To Me So It’s Not Something I Want To Experience Again”

Cousins! While on the ‘Breakfast Club’ morning show LaLa was asked about her current relationship status, would she get married again and her thoughts on dating someone in the sports industry!

Lala kept it real in sharing that at this point in her life she is fully focused on her career and co-parenting to raise her son. She explains that she is not oppose to dating but is definitely not here for jumping the broom again.

“I’m never getting married again,” said Lala at the 9:56 minute-mark. “It’s one of those things in life that I feel like I could check it off. Like, ‘Okay, I did that.’ Maybe people want to say they’ve experienced that. I’ve experienced it and I know the good and the bad that happened to me so it’s not something I want to experience again. I can have an incredible relationship with somebody and not be married.”

Lala explains , “And I’m not knocking anybody who’s married, it didn’t work for me. I’m all for anyone it worked for. I feel like marriage at times becomes very much like [a] business thing. And what I found with marriage is easy to get into and harder to get out of when you’re dealing with lawyers and this and that, and it just gets really complicated. I don’t feel like I need that.”

Lala and NBA all star Carmelo Anthony had gotten engaged in 2004, birthed their son Kiyan in 2007 and officially tied the knot in 2010. Rumors pertaining to infidelity often followed their union on social media and in the entertainment industry. They initially separated back in 2017 and Lala filed for divorce in 2021 which was finalized in July.

Appearing on the Spotify podcast ‘Call Her Daddy’ Lala shares that men that have been freely shooting their shot at her are guys in their early 20s. “Here’s how it goes. This is what I’m finding, I don’t understand this … I’m not saying when you get older you want to date younger guys, but when you get older, only younger guys want to date you.”

She continues, “It’s the wildest thing. Guys will DM me and want to take me out and I’ll Google them, I’ll be like, ‘You’re 22 years old.’ Like, how?”

Lala says that younger dudes are extremely confident, however she doesn’t know what age should be her overall cut off. “But I don’t get what this thing is, like the older you get, the younger the guys get and it’s wild.”

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