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Chingy Speaks On Being Included In The 50 Worst Rappers List On Social Media; “If Everybody Not Saying It Then You Not The Worst”

Cousins, Chingy clearly wasn’t feeling his name being apart of the ‘50 worst rappers’ list as he gave a complete break down of how he’s exactly the complete opposite!

Appearing in an interview with Vlad Tv the St Louis rapper explained that not only has he sold over 50 million records in his career but to this very day he’s still racking up success.

“It’s just absurd,” said Chingy. “To me, it’s invalid because it’s subjective. It’s 7 billion people in existence, when you ask each one of these people, ‘Who’s your favorite rapper?’ You’re probably gonna get a different answer.”

He continues in saying, “I’ve sold over 50 million records worldwide, I still have success, it’s people that love me,” he explained. “So, how am I one of the worst rappers? If everybody is not saying it, you [are] not the worst. That list is absurd and it needs to be done away with.”

Chingy also speaks on fellow rappers that appear on the list such as Master P, “They got so many people on there that have been profound, that have shown leadership, that have [given] several artists a way for their dreams to come true. And they sit there and try to disrespect those people by trying to say ‘they the worst rappers.”’

Let’s be honest back in the day Chingy joints use to hit different. No matter if it was a house party, club, or just simply kicking it with your friends; when ‘Right Thurr’ comes on it’s an automatic vibe.

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