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Nicki Minaj Confirmed As Being Mentioned On Grammy’s Rap Ballot Categories Numerous Times For Different Records Except, “Super Freaky Girl”

Cousins! Following Nick iMinaj calling out the music academy last week for her chart topping single ‘Super Freaky Girl’ reportedly being moved from the Rap genre to the Pop nomination category, it appears that the folks of the Grammys have officially responded!

The Young Money rapper is said to have racked up numerous nominations for next year’s ceremony with most of them being apart of the rap category just not ‘Super Freaky Girl’ !

According to Variety , Nicki’s is on the ballot in the category of Rap for a few collaborative tracks she’s released or been apart of this year. It has also been stated that Grammy voters that have already received their ballots informed the outlet that Nicki is on the ballot for the best rap performance category for , “Do We Have a Problem?,” featuring Lil Baby.

However the Grammy screening committee considered “Super Freaky Girl” more of a naturally pop single instead of Rap. As we previously reported Nicki took to Instagram last week to share her disapproval of the single not being listed in the Rap nomination ballot. “‘Super Freaky Girl,’ where I only rapped on the song, was removed out of rap categories at the Grammys and put in pop,” said Nicki.

“The people who control a lot of things behind the scenes, they have to elevate someone that they profit off. So they must move the goalposts for me all the time,” she stated.

Reports read that singles such as Coi Leary’s “Blick Blick,” is nominated for best rap performance and best rap song as well as “Love in the Way,” which is also nominated for best rap song and best melodic rap performance. All together Nicki is nominated 8 times: “once in a pop category, twice in music video, and five times in rap categories.”

Following news that Nicki is actually nominated in numerous rap categories, she took to Instagram to state that the academy is gaslighting her fans and accusing them of using black media outlets to do so.

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