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“Little Mermaid” Live Action Teaser Trends On Social Media As Young Black Children See Themselves In Halle Bailey!



Things were not over? The ‘Little Mermaid’ live action teaser!

It hasn’t even been a week and Halle Bailey has succeeded in breaking the internet in half. From her vocals to luxurious red locs; if we were excited before we definitely can’t wait for this project to hit theaters now.

Throughout social media online users and young girls around the world alongside their parents, have also shared their reaction to the film’s teaser. The teaser has continuously trended as Black children watch in amazement of seeing a Black girl in a magical world looking just like them.

Black Twitter is keeping the same energy as well as they show Halle love for singing her way into our hearts from the recently dropped teaser.

Halle took to her verified Twitter account to thank everyone for the love and support.

Cousins, the “Little Mermaid” is set to drop next year in 2023!

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