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Justin Bieber Announces Suspension Of Remaining Tour Dates, “I Realized I Need To Make My Health The Priority Right Now.”



Singer and songwriter Justin Bieber has officially announced the suspension of all remaining show dates within his world tour to focus on his health!

As we previously reported the 28 year old had been diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome towards the beginning of the Summer and had canceled a series of shows due to his health. He had only recently picked his tour back up after rescheduling several tour dates.

“Earlier this year, I went public about my battle with Ramsay Hunt syndrome, where my face was partly paralyzed,”

wrote Justin in a shared statement on Instagram.

“As the result of this illness, I was not able to complete the North America leg of the Justice Tour.”

“This past weekend, I performed at Rock in Rio and I gave everything I have to the people in Brazil. After getting off stage, the exhaustion overtook me and I realized that I need to make my health the priority right now

“So I’m going to take a break from touring for the time being. I’m going to be OK, but I need time to rest and get better.”

Cousins, please join us in keeping Justin uplifted in prayer 🙏🏿

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