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Starz Pulls The Plug On Spin-Off ‘Power Book IV: Influence’, Won’t Be Moving Forward!



It appears that the folks of the Starz network have officially decided to no longer move forward with one of their previously announced spin-offs!

Back in 2020, ‘Power book V: Influence’ was announced amongst the list of additional green lighted spin-offs.

Despite Power Book II : Ghost , Power Book III : Raising Kanan and Power Book IV : Force officially gearing up to release new episodes apart of their season two and three debuts, it appears that Power Book V : Influence has gotten the rug pulled from underneath it before production ever began.

The series was set to star fan favorite actor Larenz Tate revamping his role of crooked politician, councilman Rashad Tate. The storyline was said to consist of him continuing his quest for power while fighting crime and maneuvering through government policy.

The announcement was was made earlier this week reports Tv Series Finale No official reason hasn’t been given as of yet, however Larenz will still appear on Power Book II : Ghost .

Cousins, are you disappointed by this news?

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