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Fox Attacks Woman’s Leg Outside Of Her NY Home And Gets The Paws Put Back On Em!



A rabid Fox met its match this summer as it attempted to attack a woman outside of her home in Ithaca, NY. What started out as a quick chomp fest ended in a swift beat down!

According to TMZ, the incident caught on the home’s surveillance camera took place back in July. The woman was seen talking on the phone while in her yard when the Fox crept up on her and began bitting the side of her legs.

Immediately catching on, the woman launched a powerful 1-2 kick. Not seemingly getting enough, the Fox continued to lunge back at her to the point he was able to chomp on her hands. The woman went toe to toe and eventually shook the Fox off.

Towards the end of the video her husband showed up and scared it away.

The woman’s husband is said to have uploaded the video. He also shared that the fox had attempted to do the same to someone else nearby following their encounter, but it was killed. The body was taken to the vet lab at Cornell University, where they confirmed their had been rabies in its system.

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