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Gym Buddies Matter: Ohio Woman Calls 911 From Her Smartwatch After Getting Stuck Upside Down During A Late Night Gym Session!



An Ohio woman has taken to social media to tell her story after getting herself stuck in a sticky situation during a late night gym session!

In a video uploaded to TikTok Christine Faulds explained how she ended upside down on an inversion table machine.

Christine stated that she had took a trip to the gym roughly around 3AM, which she shares is apart of her usual routine. She explained that she was the only person there besides one other person who had been in another room lifting weights.

Shortly after realizing she was stuck and was unable to get out the upside down position Christine used her smartwatch to call 911.

She shared the footage of when police officials arrived and lifted the inversion table upright and Christine was able to walked off. “Oh dear lord, my ankles are burning,” she said to arriving police officials.

“It was just so much pressure on my head,” said Christine. “People are saying why would you post that, so embarrassing, but I’m like sometimes you got to laugh at yourself and move on.” The now viral TikTok video has gained over 8 million+ views.

Christine confirms that she was stuck for about 12 minutes and that she does not plan on using the machine again unless a friend of hers is present to help incase she gets stuck.

Cousins, has this ever happened to you?

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