Vegan Mom Sentenced To Life In Prison After Her Baby Passes Away Due To Only Being Fed Raw Fruit, Vegetables And Breast Milk!

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A 38 year old strictly vegan mom from Florida has officially been sentenced to life in prison on charges of first degree murder, aggravated child abuse, aggravated manslaughter, child abuse and two counts of child neglect following the tragic death of her young son!

Sheila O’Leary alongside her husband Ryan are said to have only fed their son Ezra raw fruits, vegetables and breast milk.

According to a police report obtained by PEOPLE, Ezra was only 18 months old when he tragically passed in September of 2019. He is said to weigh only 17 pounds, officials confirmed as being the average size of a 7 month old baby.

Arriving paramedics discovered Ezra unresponsive and not breathing. His two siblings ages 3 and 5 also showed extreme effects of malnourishment. Sheila and Ryan told officers that their diet was strict and consisted of only raw fruits and vegetables.

Ezra’s autopsy ruled his death to have been caused by complications of malnutrition and dehydration which deeply affected his liver. He is said to have had swollen hands, feet as well as the lower section of his legs.

The O’Learys legal team says that the couple were caring parents who didn’t mean to kill their son.

“The child’s death, while tragic, was neither purposeful nor neglectful, but accidental, and is listed on the death certificate as such,” says Sheila attorney John Musca.

The proceeding judge was unmoved by the statement and said Sheila will spend the rest of her life in Jail.

Ryan is also awaiting sentencing as he is being held in jail without bail.

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