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Kicking It One on One With Genesis Denise Hale Of The Hit Showtime Series ‘The Chi’



Emotions are on high throughout social media right now as fans say “see you later “ to our friends over in the Southside of Chicago, as they wrap up season 5 of ‘The Chi’. But it’s all good because the gang will be back and better then ever for an official 6th season!

Lena Waithe’s hit original drama series The Chi takes a deep look into the life and times of community members living within the Southside of Chicago. With each season delivering on an intimate, relatable and conscious level of storytelling, the series has successfully won over the hearts of millions shinning a light on the culture.

We had the absolute pleasure of tapping in with one of the series original cast members and also youngest in charge, Genesis Denise Hale.

Landing the fan favorite role of ‘Maisha’ a former school bully and well rounded intellectual scholar at only 12 years old , Genesis is surely solidifying her mark within the entertainment industry.

Genesis went from being bullied at her elementary school to portraying a bully on T.V, turning her pain into passion. She recognized the importance of being authentically you without seeking the validation of others, and today, she is an Anti-bullying advocate. Her talents reach far beyond film; she is also a Rapper, Singer, Poet, a member of LTAB (Louder Than A Bomb) poetry troupe, and host of Content Culture Life. Genesis hopes to shed light on not just her experiences but the experiences, thoughts, and feelings of GenZ as a collective. Her raw + real personality, generational experience as a GenZ-er, and resume have equipped her with a unique edge to support that she is truly destined for greatness.

In the last 5 season fans have tuned in faithfully and watched Maisha’s story be told. From a being sincerely misunderstood older sister, around the clock babysitter for her siblings while juggling hitting the books. Maisha has been able to branch out on her own ultimately finding herself within the power of music. Maisha is now using her intellect, determination and talent to take control of her own life outside.

While speaking with Genesis she shares that she is super proud of Maisha’s character development and says that there is much in store for the role.

She also reveals the overall excitement she has for Maisha to be sharing her music in the last few season and how that connects to her personally.

Coming from a background in stardom with her mom having a career in the entertainment business and her had introducing her to music; Genesis has literally been raping, singing and writing poetry for as long as she can remember.

“wherever there is a mic and/or stage I just have this thing where I just have to perform. I have to”

She also revealed that she writes all of Maisha’s music.

“I am really excited for her. It been in the works for a while but when we got the new script that music would be blended into Maisha’s role I screamed.”

The Chicago native speaks on how’s she’s grateful to be apart of the series due to the genuine love each cast and crew member has for one another,

“we’re really like one big family.”

Genesis is also using her talent and influence to shed a light on fellow youth community members within the city of Chicago. Partnering up with True Star she has created an all new show titled ‘Content Culture Life’

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Tune into all 5 seasons of ‘The Chi’ available for streaming through the Showtime app.

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